Friday, May 11, 2012


Via Punxutawneyphil
Via Punxutawneyphil
I love saving money by shopping at discount stores. But is it worth the hassle? Sometimes.
Just like most things in life, saving money involves trade-offs.
Example 1: I like to shop at a discount grocery store but it is located across town from me. I also have another option that is a couple blocks away but more expensive. If I only need a couple things, it’s not worth the drive, gas, and TIME to save a $1 or 2.
Trade-offs are a decision between how much you can save vs. how much you will spend to save that amount. I like to do this for a lot of purchasing decisions in my life.
Example 2: Recently, I was looking for a purchase of around $200-$300. Instead of spending 5 hours researching and tracking down the perfect deal, I decided to save my time and just buy from a store I had good experiences with in the past. Sure, I could have found a better deal (10-20% less) if I had invested the time. But for me, my time (5 hours) is worth more than $40.
What are some trade-offs you have found not worth the hassle?

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